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EcoSolution Pest Control is a environmentally safe pest control solution for your home or business. We are experts in pest control, pest management, termite inspections, termite management and sub-floor ventilation.
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In order to successfully manage and eradicate pests – a professional Pest Control Technician must know all details on the pests breeding behaviour, life cycles and habitat preferences.
spiders icon

Do you have spiders in or around your house? ¬†Are you worried about spider bites? Unsure which species is in your home? Find out more details…… MORE

cockroach icon

Cockroaches love warm, humid spots. They often they are spotted in kitchens and bathrooms in cupboards or in and under electrical appliances such as toasters, microwaves or even fridges. What can you do if they have taken residence in your house? … MORE

ants icon

Once one ant has found a food source in your house, it is very likely other ants will follow. It can easily lead to an infestation with a busy ant street through your home and even an ant nest. … MORE

mice rodents icon

Mice and rats carry lots of bacteria and potentially diseases. Once they have entered your home or business, it is important to work with an experienced, trained professional at the earliest spotting to manage the problem … MORE

bedbug icon

Bed Bugs live in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, furniture and carpets. These critters feed of blood of humans and animals and leave bites on the skin. Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult… MORE

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Fleas are nasty scratchy little bugs. They are also an issue for you and your pets health and well-being. They also cause allergic reaction for both humans and animals .. MORE

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